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We’re a staffing agency rooted in passion and community.

It’s Not About Staffing, It’s About Changing Lives

When we founded ProStaffing in 2006, our mission was simple: we wanted to change lives and build communities. And even throughout years of growth and change, that mission has remained the same.

When a candidate finds a job that fulfills them, or when an employer makes a terrific hire, they create a positive impact that ripples throughout the community where they live and work. Every person on the ProStaffing team is committed to making this possible – to improve lives, strengthen communities, and empower success.

Our passionate team goes out of their way to support our clients and employees. If you need help staffing your business, we’ll act as your trusted partner and guide. If you want to find work that puts food on the table and adds meaning to your life, we’ll be your career advocate and match you with a dream role.

Reach out to us today – we look forward to hearing from you!

Portrait of cheerful supervisor in a warehouse for delivering and transporting industrial goods wearing white helmet and orange vest uniform standing with folded arms in aisle
Receptionist with clipboard at countertop in hospital

Our Priorities

The commitments that drive our work and set us apart.
  • Industry Expertise

    To better serve our communities, ProStaffing has worked to develop niche knowledge in specializations like manufacturing, production, administrative, and medical office staffing.

  • Quality Talent

    To consistently deliver optimal results to our clients and to give every person the right to meaningful work, ProStaffing maintains a large and diverse pool of qualified candidates.

  • Recruitment Process

    To make the hiring process as simple and painless as possible for both job seekers and employers, ProStaffing utilizes innovative recruitment methods and balances modern technology with a human touch.

  • Excellent Reputation

    To build professional relationships built on mutual trust, ProStaffing maintains a stellar track record of successful outcomes and positive experiences from both clients and candidates.

  • Community Involvement

    To honor our mission of improving lives, the ProStaffing team actively volunteers and gives back to the communities where they live and work.

The best way to get to know us and our values is to have a conversation. Reach out to us today and introduce yourself!

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